At HERO Insurance Solutions, we are committed to simplifying the insurance process for our clients – covering, as far as is possible, insurance needs by way of one overarching policy with a single renewal date. ‎Where there are impediments to this, we wrack our brains to try to find a solution.

A source of frustration for many concerns insuring cars to take part in regularity rallies. Invariably, participants have had to put in place insurance rally by rally, and covering certain types of car can be ‎nigh on impossible. But no longer! To make your life easier, from the start of 2017, HERO Insurance Solutions is able to offer fully comprehensive regularity rally cover‎, with the following attributes:

  1. A single policy
  2. Market leading comprehensive cover for all of your ‎cars – everyday, hypercars, supercars, rally cars, and classic cars
  3. Full regularity cover ‎included

So in future you will not need to worry about separately insuring your cars for each regularity rally you participate in. No more hassle ‎ahead of each event putting in place additional insurance – just turn up and enjoy, with the peace of mind that you are appropriately covered.

If you would like us to make your life easier, please use the information below to contact us at your at the earliest opportunity.